(Thai) ลาบเกินร้อย สืบศิริ


It’s a typical Thai restaurant as far as atmosphere is concerned. Open-air seating, with some tables and benches made from large unshaped wood, straw-roofs, and a large fish tank. However, Laab Gern Roy sets itself apart by having a menu that caters to Isaan dishes, doesn’t try to be fancy, and just tries to be delicious. Which it certainly is.


They offer lots of different kinds of somtam (spicy green papaya salad), deep fried and steam whole fish with an assortment of topping sauces like spicy mango salad, garlic and pepper, and sweet and sour lime. They have kor moo yang (grilled sliced pork), laab (spicy minced pork salad), chicken wings, tom yam (spicy Thai soup), and sticky rice.


The real winner at Laab Gern Roy is Gai Tum Nam Pla, a whole or half chicken boiled and stewed in fish sauce. Now, even it you don’t like fish sauce – many say it smells bad – this dish is absolutely heavenly. It is salty, but not fishy. The meat falls off the bone and the dish it’s served on has lots of broth to dibble over your rice.


Located on Suebsiri Soi 30, the big 4-lane road that runs parallel to the Air Force base just outside Bung Ta Lua Park, about 100 meters before Time Square Park where Isaan Lawyers and C’est Si Bon are. The prices are very reasonable (nothing over 300 Baht) and the portions are quite generous.


Open for dinner at around 5pm and closing at midnight. They are closed on the 10th and 20th of each month, supposedly for luck. For more information have a look at their facebook page.

ลาบเกินร้อย สืบศิริ 30




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